Wading River Branch

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After the LIRR reached Port Jefferson in 1868, various proposals were made to continue eastward, possibly even connecting with the Main Line at Riverhead. However, there were no villages of any consequence along the north shore of LI this far out and nothing was done for many years.

The first move was made in 1892, when the "Long Island Railroad, North Shore Branch" was incorporated. (There are a lot of financial details concerning this incorporation, including the assimilation of prior debt of the Smithtown and Port Jefferson RR, which won't be discussed here.)

The extension was completed in 1895, with the first regularly scheduled passenger train on June 27th. Sadly, the line was abandoned March 20, 1939. Here's a picture of the last train to run on the Wading River Extension:

Click Here for an aerial view of the entire ROW as it exists today. It is still clearly visible.

Stations of the Wading River Extension:(B&W pictures of the station buildings below are from Ron Ziel Collection, unless noted otherwise)

Miller's Place (later Miller Place) - at Sylvan Ave. - First building erected 1898 destroyed by fire in 1902. It's replacement lasted until 1927, also destroyed by fire. The picture is from 1915 from the collection of Dave Keller, who adds the following: For your historical info, the view was taken by Thomas R. Bayles, a LIRR station agent, who was a friend of mine until his death in a tragic auto accident. For many years he was the ticket agent at Patchogue until his retirement. At the time of this photo (1915) he was a part-time summer telegrapher who rode his bicycle to work daily, alternating between Miller's Place and Shoreham as needed, from his home in Middle Island (!).


Rocky Point - Station built 1898 east of Broadway (between King & Prince). After the line was abandoned, the station was moved a short distance and became a lumber yard office. Presently it's a restaurant, according to Dan D. Actually, it's still the office of the lumber yard, according to Mark L.


Shoreham - Station built 1900 east of intersection of Briarcliff and North Country Rds. It was torn down in 1950. Dan D. says there's an abandoned lot at the site currently.



Wading River - Station built 1895 and enlarged in 1906. West of Wading River-Manorville Rd. It was demolished in 1938, and the wood used to build a store just north of the old station location.


Here's a picture of the overpass at Woodville Landing Rd. in Shoreham (thanks to Daniel Marra for the picture)


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