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New 8/2013 - 1963 Proposal - Better Rail Service for Nassau County State Hospitals

The major sources of the historical information on this website are: i) Vincent Seyfried's seven volume "The Long Island Rail Road - A Comprehensive History" (Sadly, Mr. Seyfried passed away in April 2012, a few days before his 94th birthday); ii) Ron Ziel's many fine books and pictures of the LIRR; and iii) The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online 1841-1902.



On April 24, 2009, the LIRR was 175 years old.

On September 8, 2010, Penn Station was 100 years old.

And in March 2013, Jamaica Station was 100 years old.

(click on the first thumbnail for the MTA's page for LIRR 175; click on the second thumbnail for a larger version of the First Day Cover for Penn Station's 100 years

-contributed by Big John)


LIRR Atlantic Ave. Tunnel recognized by Guinness as world's oldest


IMPORTANT: Sign this petition to re-open the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tours, which were recently halted by the City for "safety" reasons.


Rededication of newly-restored Penn Station Eagle at Hicksville


Here are some groups that could use your support


Click this button for some Quick Time movies of LIRR trains


These are some of the various logos used by the LIRR though the years. Click on the fourth image, Dashing Dan, for a larger view. Click on Dashing Dottie in the fifth image for the story of her first appearance.

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