The Whitestone Branch


The Whitestone branch of the LIRR was built starting in 1869 as part of the Flushing and North Side RR system. It was eventually electrified in 1912, but service was abandoned February 15, 1932. At that time, there were proposals for the branch to be incorporated into the NYC transit system (see below), connecting to the Flushing line, but that deal fell through. There are not many remnants of the branch that can still be seen today. Stations of this branch were as follows (all of the old pictures that follow are from the Ron Zeil collection. They were contributed by B. Kessler and W. Hahn):


Flushing - Bridge St: Located north of Northern Blvd. Depot built 1870, replaced by a new station in 1893.

College Point: At 127th St. and 18th Ave. Station building erected in 1869 and lasted until the end of service in 1932.

Malba: Service started in 1908 (MALBA is an acronym from the initials of the 5 original developers of the area).

Whitestone: On 14th Rd. beween 149th and 150th Sts.Temporary depot built 1869 and replaced in January, 1871. That building lasted until 1932.

Whitestone Landing: Opened August 9, 1886 at the shore line.


Here's a timetable from 1917 that shows the service to the Whitestone branch.

Below is the cover of the proposal to transfer the Whitestone branch to NYC. Click on the smaller images that follow it for several pages of this report. Thanks to "Big John - Fan of the Sunrise Trail" for these


Some of the right-of-way of the Whitestone Branch was fenced in by concrete posts, as shown in the following picture. Several of these posts remain and are about the only remaining vestiges that can still be seen today.

Here are some pictures of the existing posts from W. Hahn:

Old posts at 148st and 15th ave Whitestone.These posts transplanted when line was torn up.Power house was located behind the yard of this house.Whitestone station was located a half a block east from this location.

Old posts at 11-29 128st College Point



23rd ave & 129st.Cement posts belonging to L.I.R.R.along ROW in College Point



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