I'm not very knowledgable about the various control towers along the LIRR. I'll add pictures to this page as I manage to obtain them. Please let me know which ones I have missed.

George N. had supplied some information on some older towers, which can be found on this page (new 8/10/2000)

Harold - in Long Island City near the approach to the East River tunnels. Here are two photos from 1973, (courtesy of "RRRAY") from 1973 of the old Harold tower, the first of the exterior looking west and the second of the interior. A new tower was built in the 1980's (no picture yet).

This next photo, also contributed by RRRAY, is from the Sept. 1990 "Along The Track" newsletter, published by the LIRR PR Dept. and shows the old and new Harold Towers. It's captioned "old and new Harold before 80-year old structure was demolished in July. Most of equipment was salvaged".

"F" - at the west end of Sunnyside Yard, near Thomson Ave. (thanks to Bill K)

Jay - just west of Jamaica Station

Hall - just east of Jamaica Station (thanks to Bill K)

Dunton - along the LIC (Montauk) branch west of Jamaica. The second picture shows the view from the Atlantic Ave. side (2/19/2002)

Brook - (thanks to "etrr" for informing me of this one.) It's actually underground at the east end of the Flatbush Ave. Station - between tracks 5 and 6 if I remember correctly.

Former LIRR conductor, JJ Earl adds the following information: Two more underground towers on the Atlantic Branch. The hole in the wall at the entrance to VD Yard was called VAN tower. I don't believe it is open now. The other is at East NY station and is only manned when it is necessary to cross trains over during track work or some other reason for running single track between ENY and Jamaica or ENY and Flatbush Ave.

Queens - east of Queens Village Station. The following picture was contributed by George N.

Nassau - just east of Mineola Station. The first picture is looking east; the second is looking west.


Divide - east of Hicksville station. First are 4 pictures of the inside of Divide tower taken around 1996 (photos courtesy of M. Abbey). The next photo is looking east from the Hicksville station platform (photo courtesy of Vince Fitzgerald)

Here are two pictures of Divide Tower. They were contributed by RRRAY, who says they are copies of photos that are under a glass topped desk at Divide.


Lead - on the Long Beach Branch (thanks to "etrr"). George N. took the following pictures; the first a view of the tower through the steelwork of the drawbridge, and the second of the drawbridge in the open position.

Valley - in Valley Stream (thanks to "etrr"). George N. also contributed this picture.


Babylon - just east of the Babylon station (thanks to "jpasion"). George N. took the following pictures; the first at track level, and the second at street level.

"B" Tower - in Bethpage (the first picture courtesy of Vince Fitzgerald, the second is by RRRAY taken in 1986 when the tower was still operational)

Locust Tower (formerly OY tower prior to 1939) - just east of the Locust Valley station of the Oyster Bay branch. (FIrst photo courtesy of Bill K). George N. informs me that the tower is now a police booth for the Nassau Co. Police Dep't. On August 8, 2006, the tower was rededicated after a major restoration. Thanks to Dave Morrison for the last three pictures taken on that date.

"PD" Tower - in Patchogue, just east of the station (thanks to Bill K). This tower has been leaning about 10-15 degrees to the south for as long as I can remember! Unfortunately, the tower was demolished on August 22, 2006. Thanks again to Dave Morrison for providing the last three pictures, which were taken by Terry P. Also shown is a Newsday Article about the demolition.

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