Old Timetables and Tickets

1837 - The LIRR has just been completed out to Hicksville (165 years ago!). This timetable is from the Tuesday, September 12, 1837 New York Times. Thanks to Paul Matus, we think the schedule is as follows:

One set of equipment is trains 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Train 1 leaves Hicksville 8 am then the same train is the 8:45 am Jamaica to Brooklyn.
Train 2 leaves Brooklyn 10 am for Hicksville.
Train 3 leaves Hicksville 2 pm then the same train is the 3 pm Jamaica to Brooklyn.
Train 4 leaves Brooklyn 4 pm for Hicksville.
A second set of equipment is trains 101 and 102

Train 101 is the 11:30 am Jamaica to Brooklyn.
Train 102 is the 1 pm from Brooklyn to Jamaica.
This second train set is omitted on Sundays.

(anyone know where Clowesville, De Lancy Ave. and Connecticut Ave. are/were?)

1841 The main line has been extended to Farmingdale and the Hempstead Branch is in service

1842 The main line has been extended to Suffolk (present Central Islip).

1844 The Main Line has been extended to Medford

1844 The Main Line has been completed to Greenport! Travel to Boston now only takes 10 hours!




1848 (scan contributed by "Big John, fan of the Sunrise Trail")

This is a mere 4 years after the comlpletion of the line out to Greenport. There are only four trains each way, one of which was for freight trains, each day! Note how the format has changed from the earlier timetables. It now looks much more like today's timetables.

1851 (also contributed by "Big John")

Not a timetable, but a schedule of fares for commutation tickets in effect as of April 1, 1851.

1875 (the first was also contributed by "Big John")

Note how much the LIRR had expanded in those intervening 27 years.


This timetable, from 1889, is for the Main Line. The first picture shows the very ornate cover. In the second, note stations such as Bushwick, Maple Grove, East Hinsdale (Floral Park), Hyde Park (before the "New" was added), Bayville, Wyandance (Wyandanch), Central Park (Bethpage).[Sorry for the poor quality - I'll see if I can make it a little more readable. Then again, it's 110 years old!].


This is a reprint (I think) of an 1895 timetable for the Port Jefferson and Oyster Bay branches


Here's an interesting timetable from 1911 "Local and Express Electric Trains between Brooklyn, Jamaica and Queens" which also includes "Local Electric Trains from Jamaica to Valley Stream". Note Warwick Rd., Railroad Ave., Union Course, Woodhaven, Clarenceville, Morris Park and Dunton rapid transit (local) stops on the Atlantic Ave. line, and Hillside and Bellaire stations east of Jamaica. The local trains to Valley Stream are shown leaving from Jamaica (Beaver St.). This station was located on the Atlantic branch south of the Jamaica Station (which at that time was located several blocks east of its current site). I'm pretty sure this is a reprint also.


How about a trip from Montauk or the Hamptons to Washington, DC? - without having to change! Of course you'll have to wait a while at Penn Station for your parlor car to be added to the Pennsylvania RR train to DC. Most interesting is that the PRR trains are running on Standard Time while the LIRR is on Daylight Savings Time. This service is shown in the 1928 system timetable.

Another interesting service is that between Long Island's North and South Forks, from Greenport to Montauk, via the branch between Manorville and Eastport.

The Whitestone branch was still around in 1928 and its service is included with the Port Washington branch timetable.

Here are a couple of tickets (I'm guessing the first is from the early 1920's (note Manhattan Beach and Bay Ridge branch stations) and the second from 1939 or 1940 (note World's Fair station)) contributed by Big John, fan of the Sunrise Trail.


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