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Here are some Rockaway branch timetables from 1951. The trestle over Jamaica Bay was out of service at that time so there were two services: one from Hamilton Beach and one from Rockaway Park.

The following is a picture of the Brooklyn Manor station taken on May 20, 1931 (from the collection of Ron Ziel)

This picture is of the Parkside Station from July, 1950, located at Metropolitan Ave. on the Glendale Cutoff. (collection of Ron Ziel, from Herbert George)


In the summer of 1998, an anonymous contributor took the following pictures along the abandoned portion of the Rockaway branch:

These first two pictures were taken where the Rockaway branch crosses Yellowstone Blvd. Although the walls under the trestle have been obviously recemented fairly recently, the workers took extra care to not block out the date when it was built. The Portion of the line from Glendale to Rego Park (called the Glendale cut-off, with one station, Parkside) was opened in 1910.


The next three pictures were taken under Myrtle Ave. in the middle of Forest Park. It's clear that if service on the Rockaway branch were ever to be restored (for example as a possible connection to JFK Airport), it would take a LOT of cleaning up. Note the old rail and third rail in the last picture


Here's the trestle over Park Lane South. It bears a date of 1924. I'm not sure if that is the year it was elevated to eliminate a grade crossing or if it was rebuilt at that time, since the line south of Glendale dates from the 1800's


Looking west along Jamaica Ave., where the line passes over the road and under the Jamaica El. Note the wide space on the El for a third express track that was never built.

Here are three pictures where the Rockaway branch crosses Atlantic Ave. I believe the station name was Woodhaven, just as the abandoned station in the Flatbush Ave. line underground at this same point was named. After the LIRR sold the portion of the Rockaway branch south of Liberty Ave. to the Subway in the early '50's, service was continued on the portion from Rego Park to Ozone Park until 1962.


Finally, the connection with the IND at Liberty Ave. which was completed in 1956. Looking south, to the right are the tracks branching off from those to Lefferts Blvd. above. The old LIRR ROW is to the left.

Here are come other pictures of the Rockaway branch. The first  photo was taken in Forest Park, south of Myrtle Ave. The second is the old Woodhaven station over Atlantic Ave.


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