Port Washington Branch Stations

History: (to come)

(former abandoned stations in this font)

Woodside - The location of the present station dates from 1915 after the grade crossing elimination (I believe the #7 Flushing elevated subway line, which passes over the LIRR, was also built at the same time), replacing older stations of the LIRR and Flushing and North Side RR, which was located at 58th St. and 38th Ave. The most recent renovation was completed in 1999.

Elmhurst - At Broadway. Service discontinued ????. All that's left are a couple of sealed off stairways and some evidence of where the platforms were. Here's a not too good "fly-by" picture of the old platform supports over Broadway.

Corona - at National St. - Here's a scan of a postcard, contributed by Bob Keane


Shea Stadium - Originally the site of the 1939/40 World's Fair station, and later a United Nations station (from c. 1946-c.1952). The present station was built for the 1964/65 Fair and will probably be completely redone when the new Mets Stadium is built. The only pictures I have are from speeding-by trains.


Flushing/Main Street - First station of the Flushing RR built 12/1853 on Main St., burnt down and replaced in 1865. A brick station was built 1870 on 41st Ave. by the Flushing & North Side RR. The present elevated station opened 10/3/1913. The station has the secondary name "Main Street" to distinguish it from the Flushing/Bridge St. station of the Whitestone branch. The first and second photos were taken by George N. in 2000. The rest were taken January 2, 2007.

Murray Hill - First station opened 4/1889 at 149th St. and torn down 10/1912. The line was depressed in the area in 1913. A new station opened 7/1914 and torn down 9/1964. The first two pictures are from 1999. The rest were taken January 7, 2007.

Broadway - Original station opened 10/27/1866 south of Northern Blvd. New station opened 1906, and elevated in 1912.The first two pictures are from 1999. The rest were taken January 7, 2007 in the middle of extensive rehabilitation.

Auburndale - Original station opened 1901 and later sold in 1930 to the Episcopal Church, which moved it to 42nd Ave. and Utopia Pkwy. The first two pictures are from 1999. The rest were taken January 7, 2007.

Bayside - Opened 10/1866 on the east side of Bell Blvd. In 1886, a new station was built on the west side of Bell. Present station dates from 1924. The first two pictures are from 1999. The rest were taken January 7, 2007.

Douglaston - First station dates from 1867, west of Douglaston Pkwy. New station opened 1887 and demolished 1962. I don't know the date of the present station. The pictures are from December 31, 2006, except for the first which is July, 1999

Little Neck - Original station built 5/1870. The present brick station dates from 1890. The Little Neck stations boasts one of the few (others at Maspeth Ave. and Borden Ave. on the Long Island City branch) grade crossings still in existence in the City of New York. The first two pictures are from 1999, the rest were taken December 31, 2006.

Great Neck - This was the terminus of the line until the extension to Port Washington in 1898. Name changed to Brookdale 1869-1872. Original depot erected 1866 and replaced in 1883. The present station dates from 1924. Again the forst two pictures are 1999 and the rest were taken December 31, 2006.

Manhasset - Original station built 1899. Present station dates from 1924 and was recently renovated. The first picture was taken in July, 1999 during the renovation and the second is from February, 2001. The rest are December, 2006


Plandome - The original station dated from 1909. This was torched by vandals in the early 1990's and replaced by the present station, which certainly looks like it was built in the early 1900's. (Thanks to Kevin Walsh for this info). The photos are from 12/2006  except the first is 7/1999.

Port Washington - The present station is the original one from 1898. Again the first photo is 7/1999 and the rest are 12/2006.