Pilgrim State Hospital Spur


The first map shows where the spur to Pilgrim State diverged from the Main Line, just west of the old Pineaire station. Note also the spur to Edgewood State Hospital about a half mile west. The second map shows the ROW of the spur on the Hospital grounds.


Big John contributed the following pictures and tickets



David Huber contributed the following photos and captions from a walk he took along the ROW a while back.

This photo is of the power plant. The tracks are elevated at this
point and are on top of the brick piers in back (front on photo) of the
building under the conveyer belt


This is a view from the tracks looking down under the conveyer belt to the
end of the line



The next two photos are of the abandoned passenger station. The second one clearly
shows the tracks




Here's the Notice for the ending of train service to Pilgrim State in 1978

(contributed by Big John)





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