(These were all contributed by "Big John", unless otherwise noted)


Here are some some conductor's cash receipts (click on small image for larger version). The first  probably dates from the early 1920's since Grand St. station was only open for a few years around that time. The second has the Manhattan Beach and Bay Ridge branch stations so can't be much older than 1924 when that line was abandoned for passenger service. The third can't be older than 1927 since Napeague Beach Station was closed then. Check out some of the stations - Motor Parkway, Promised Land, Aviation Field No. 2, LIRR Shops! The fourth shows Long Beach branch stations at The Dykes and Inner Beach. The 5th is from 1911. Note that "Matawok" in the bottom left column is the Matawok station on the Rockaway branch just south of Whitepot Junction that was a flag stop for potential real estate investors in the area, not the later Matawok station on the Main Line just east of Whitepot Junction.


Here are some tickets from the Long Island City branch that closed for passenger service (except for LIC itself) on March 16/1998 and one for Woodside to the 1964-65 NYC Worlds Fair. As of 2011, passenger trains no longer use the LIC branch, although some main line trains that stop at Hunterspoint Ave. continue on to LIC.

Doug Diamond contributed these from the last day of steam on the LIRR


Here are some old Ferry tickets - for both passengers and vehicles

The following were also contributed by "Big John" (in no particular order)