The Northport Traction Co.

This trolley line ran from 1902 to 1924. Its route went from the Northport LIRR Station (in East Northport at Larkfield Ave.) north along Larkfield and then Laurel Ave. to Main St. From there it headed west along Main St. then south along Cherry Ave. (now Woodbine) by Northport Harbor.

Here's a track map (note that the map is "upside down" - north is toward the bottom)

The following pictures and commentary were provided by David Huber.

This first one is where the remaining tracks start, on Main Street just west of Church St./Ocean Ave.



This next one is further west looking down Main St. to the water.



This one is looking east from the corner of Woodbine and Main. In the Film "In and Out" with Kevin Kline and Tom Sellek. The opening scene is of this corner shot from the middle of the road looking in the same direction. The Town name was changed to "Greenleaf" or some such name in the movie.


This is the same shot from about 1905. Courtesy Newsday's "Long Island Our Story"



In 1920, behind me would be the Trolley Barn on Woodbine Ave. I am looking
toward Main Street. That is the old Thompson Law Book Publishing Company
strait ahead. the tracks end here



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