Main Line Stations

The part of the current Main Line from Jamaica to Greenport was the first actually built by the LIRR, in 1836-1844. Although the Atlantic Ave. line pre-dates it by a few years (1834-1836), that line was built by the Brooklyn and Jamaica RR Co. and leased by the LIRR in 1836. The portion from Jamaica, west through Woodside to Hunter's Point (the area is "Hunter's Point"; the avenue is "Hunterspoint"), was built in 1860, after the City of Brooklyn banned steam engines along Atlantic Ave. The tunnel under the East River, as well as Pennsylvania Station itself, were completed in 1910.

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Pennsylvania Station - Opened September 8, 1910. Here's a postcard from the 1920's. For more pictures of the interior of the old Penn Station, see Lorraine Diehl's The Late, Great Pennsylvania Station website

Here are some current pictures as of March, 2006:

The 34th St. LIRR Level entrance




The main waiting area as seen from the escalator from the Amtrak level



Ticket office



Main Corridor



Central Corridor



Exit Concourse



The Hilton Passageway



The West End Concourse



At this time they are replacing all the old "flippy" signs with new digital signs




Hunterspoint Ave. This station was built in conjunction with the opening of the East River tunnels in 1910. The first picture was taken by Vince Fitzgerald. The second was taken by Fred G. in January, 2006. There rest were taken May 3, 2007


Woodside - The first station was the Flushing and North Side's of 1869, which continued in use until the grade elimination in 1916. The present station was built then and was completely renovated in the 1990's. That's the #7 Flushing subway line that crosses overhead.

Winfield - closed 1929

Grand St. - two island platforms located between the Main line local tracks and the Rockaway Beach tracks. The picture is looking west and that's the NY Connecting RR overpass in the distance. (Ron Ziel collection)


Rego Park- This station, which consisted of two outside platforms that only serviced trains coming or going to the Rockaway Beach line was located just west of White Pot Junction, where that line diverged to the south from the Main Line. (Ron Ziel collection, Photo by W.D. Slade) Check out the double-deckers in this July 27, 1954 shot.

Matawok - This station was located just east of White Pot Junction and only existed for several years (c. 1922-1925). The following is the only known picture (per Ron Ziel) of this station.

Forest Hills - the following photos were taken 4/25/2006

Main Line Stations

Kew Gardens - This station was built in 1910, after the Maple Grove realignment and grade elimination had been completed. It replaced the Maple Grove station on the old ROW. The first picture was taken in July, 1999; the rest were taken in May, 2006.

Westbridge - this station was located where the Main Line crosses Jamaica Ave. The now-abandoned portion of the Jamaica El passed over the Westbridge station. Here's a picture from 1926 (Ron Ziel collection)

Jamaica (Click here for pictures of the Jamaica Station when it was undergoing renovation)

Here are pictures of the newly renovated station, taken 4/24/2006.

Here are some earlier pictures: The first picture, looking south along Sutphin Blvd. (perhaps from the Jamaica Ave. El?) is from a postcard that was mailed in 1928. Judging from the autos, I think the picture must have been taken earlier in the 1920's. Besides the lack of traffic, nothing seems to have changed in the last 70+ years. The second was taken in Sept., 2000 and shows the station building, completed in 1913, is still in pretty good shape, although I'm not sure how much of the office space is still used. The third picture was taken shortly after the new station was built in 1913. The fourth picture was taken in 1878. The church in the background still stands. You can see it on the north side of the tracks just west of the old Union Hall St. station - that's how much further east Jamaica station used to be prior to 1913. The 5th picture shows what it looks like today (note the addition to the rear of the church). The 6th picture is also from 1878.

New Hyde Park - Originally Hyde Park in 1870. That building was demolished in 1947 and a second station, shown in the first two pictures, built shortly afterwards. That station was recently demolished and a brand new station opened early in 2003. The third and fourth pictures show the new station. The rest were taken in December, 2006

Merillon Ave. - The first picture is from 1999; the rest were taken January 27, 2007. The last picture is the one lane overpass over Denton Ave./Tanners Pond Rd.

Mineola - The station was  renovated in 2001. The first picture (Ron Ziel collection) is from opening day September, 1923. The next 5 were taken during that renovation in 2001. The 7th picture (Ziel collection) is of the old station earlier in 1923. It was located east of Mineola Blvd. and on the south side of the tracks. The brick building in the backround still stands. Behind the fence in the right backround is the branch to West Hempstead. The remaining pictures were taken in July, 2006.


Carle Place - not much to say about Carle Place - just two platforms with no station building. There is an overpass. The pictures are from July, 2006.

Westbury - The first picture is from 1999; the rest are July, 2006.



Bethpage - The fiest picture was taken in 1999; the rest are from February, 2007



Pinelawn (the third picture was taken by Vince Fitzgerald)



Deer Park - The map (contributed by Ryan Grabow) shows the location of the old (pre-electrification) and current stations. The first picture is from 1999, the rest were taken 11/23/2007


Brentwood - the second picture is the old station, prior to the electrification of the 1980's. It is located just west of the current station in the first picture. The first picture is from 1999, the rest were taken 11/23/2007


Central Islip - Again, the second picture is pre-electrification. The third picture is an interior view of "CI" block station and ticket office - 12/28. L. to R.: Gene Costello, clerk, Norman Mason, block opr., George G. Ayling, agent. (G. G. Ayling collection). The third picture shows the first train out of Penn Station to Central Islip in 1910, and the fourth is the station in 1928 (both contributed by Dave Keller). The rest were taken 11/23/2007.


Holtsville - Here's a picture taken May 13, 1912 (Ron Ziel collection)

Medford - The second picture is from 1940 (Dave Keller)

Yaphank - The first station building, from 1875, lasted until 1961

Here are some pictures of Yaphank contributed by Jon B. The first is from 1973 showing the new gates at Yaphank Ave.. The second is from 1976 taken from the then new bridge over the tracks. The third is looking east at the station in 1973. And the fourth is a train wreck in 1957.

Manor (Manorville)- The picture is from 1922 looking west. You can see the branch to Eastport going off to the left in the background (Ron Ziel collection)


Riverhead - The first picture is the high level platform currently in use. The brick station in the second picture, now under restoration, was built in 1910, replacing a wooden 1870 station, which is shown in the third (Ron Ziel collection). The fourth picture is #200, the first of the old double-deckers and the first all-aluminum passenger car ever built. It is owned by the Railroad Museum of LI and will eventually be restored. These were all taken in 1999. The rest of the pictures were taken in August of 2007.

Aquebogue - Here's a picture from 1936 (Ron Ziel collection)



Mattituck - The original 1870 station building lasted until 1967. The second picture is from 1930 (Ron Ziel collection). The third and fourth are from 1958 and 1966, respectively (Dave Keller)

Cutchogue - Here's a photo from 1953 - Ron Ziel collection


Southold - Original station building erected 1870 and torn down in 1962. The secondpicture is from 1958 (Dave Keller)

Greenport - opened in 1844; original depot burned down in 1870. The current Station, now the home of the Suffolk Maritime Museum, was built in 1892. The pictures are as follows: 1. The old turntable, repainted by the Twin Forks Chapter of the NRHS in 1997/1998(anyone know when it was built?); 2. The Greenport Scoot on a recent (June, 1999) Saturday afternoon; 3. the 1892 station building; 4. the snow plow "Jaws III" next to the old freight building, which was built in 1898 and served as a bus depot from the 1960's to 1980 (thanks to James Werner for this piece of info) ; 5. the Scoot heading westbound towards Ronkonkoma; 6. The new high level platform. 7. A Huntington-bound bus in front of the freight building somewhere in the 1970's or 80's (I'm not up on buses, but I think it's a GM "Fishbowl"). Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks to Gary D. Doster for the picture. Last is a scan (from Big John) of the Notice of the closing of the ticket office in 1967.

Click HERE for some pictures of the last steam train to Greenport - June 5, 1955 -


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