LIRR History Website

Favorite Links

Please visit some of my Favorite Websites:

New York City Subway Resources: Everything you could possibly ever want to know about the NYC Subway System. My personal favorite website.

Arrt's Arrchives - Noted LIRR historian Art Huneke has started a website with loads of rare pictures and little-known information about the LIRR.

Dave Keller's Long Island Rail Road Photos & Recollections -Dave has contributed a lot of material to this website and now has one of his own

Paul Matus' - a "site for the study and appreciation of electric rail transit." Contains book reviews, historical information, pictures. Paul has added Felix Reifschneider's 1925 LIRR History to the website.

The Oyster Bay RR Museum (formerly Friends of Locomotive 35)

Subway-Buff's Station Reporter -"A Site for Station Agents, CTAs. Revenue Employees and Rail fans". They have several pages devoted to the LIRR.

Joe Korman's The JoeKorNer - Joe's interesting website has a lot of RR, Subway and Trolley information.

The Railroad Museum of Long Island: The Museum operates at two sites; The museum in Greenport, which houses the museum's collection of small artifacts, photographs and other bits of railroad history from Long Island and the Riverhead Restoration Site, where the restoration of the museum's rolling stock takes place.

Twin Forks Chapter of the NRHS: The Twin Forks Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society was formed in 1996 to preserve railroad history on Long Island! For information on membership please contact the chapter at

Vince Fitzgerald's Hempstead Plains website, contains additional information about the Central RR of LI as well as the Long Island Motor Parkway, plus a lot of information on the Mitchel Field area, including the military and aviation history of the area.

Kevin Walsh's Forgotten NY website -It's about all the things you pass in the street and never notice...ancient advertising on buildings; trolley tracks and poles that are still there; abandoned rail lines; outdated signs, cast-iron lampposts and other things that usually pass unnoticed.

Tom Scannello's OLDNYC.COM website "explores the abandoned and little used railroad lines in New York City". There are extensive pictures of the Rockaway and Bay Ridge lines.


Lorraine B Diehl's great book, The Late Great Pennsylvania Station, now has its own website!


Jim Poulos' BMT LINES website deals with the history of the BMT and its predecessor, the BRT. A must-see for all NYC Subway railfans.


S. Berliner, III's Long Island Rail Road Page: A lot of additional information on the LIRR, various Historical groups and restorations, etc. He also has a very informative page on the Long Island Motor Parkway.

The New York Ontario & Western Modelers Special Interest Group

Existing Railroad Stations in New York State - This site lists just about every railroad station existing in New York.

The Charlie Chan Page: My favorite mystery series from the 30's and 40's.

The Brooklyn Board and The Queens Board: If you grew up in Brooklyn or Queens, this is the place for you! Reminisce with others who share your memories. Locate old school buddies. Remember the Brooklyn Fox? Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor? "Spauldeens"? Mrs. Stahl's Knishes? Ring-a-levio? The '64 World's Fair? Come in and join the fun.

The Locomotive 35 Restoration Committee

A Syosset Scrapbook Created by Pamela Boslet Buskin and John Delin - deals with the history of Syosset, including the LIRR station.