Long Island City (Montauk) Branch


Following are some pictures of the Montauk branch from Jamaica to Long Island City. The intermediate stations from Jamaica to LIC(Richmond Hill, Glendale, Fresh Pond, Haberman and Penny Bridge) were abandoned in March, 1998.

Richmond Hill - the first picture shows one of the abandoned stairways leading to the station. This is the only elevated station on the line and has a center platform. The second shows the impressive elevated structure as it passes over Hillside Ave. The third "bonus" picture is of Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor, a fixture in the neighborhood for decades, just a half block away on Hillside (anyone out there ever order the "Kitchen Sink"? I never did, but I did go there many times in the early-mid 1960's). The last picture was taken by Derek Stadler of Forest Hills on the last day of regularly scheduled service, March 13, 1998.


Going west from Richmond Hill, the Montauk branch passes under Park Lane at the eastern edge of Forest Park. The next two pictures are looking east (note the Richmond Hill Station in the distance) and west, respectively, from that point.

Further west, the line passes over Cooper Ave. in Glendale

Glendale - at 73rd St. and Edsall Ave. near the entrance to Lutheran Cemetary. No platform. First looking east, then west, then the sign notifying passengers that the station will be closed on March 16, 1998. The last picture was also taken by Derek Stadler on the last day of service, 3/13/98, at Glendale station.

Fresh Pond - at the intersection of Fresh Pond Rd. and Metropolitan Ave. The first two nearly identical pictures, looking east, show the walkway which goes from Metropolitan to the "platform" (merely a wide area of dirt and gravel between the tracks). The last picture shows the station "entrance", again with the notice of cessation of service.

After passing under Fresh Pond and Metropolitan, the line re-emerges once again west of Eliot Ave., where this next picture, looking west, was taken. The two tracks to the right continue to LIC, while the one to the left will shortly turn south towards Bushwick Terminal.

Haberman - at Maspeth Ave. near the intersection with Maurice Ave. and 58th St. The first shows the remains of some sort of building; the second is an eastbound view from the same spot.

Thanks to Peter Ball, who contributed the following 3 pictures from 1973, and who says that the remains are probably from the guard shack for the manual gates at Maspeth Ave.

Penny Bridge - at the entrance to Calvary Cemetery. The second photo looks westbound towards LIC.

Finally, we come to the Long Island City station. The first picture is the ticket office and waiting area building. The second is looking west toward Manhattan. The third picture was contributed by Brian Curry and shows the Circus Train in the yard

more to come....

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