Kings Park State Hospital Spur


The first map shows where the spur diverged from the Port Jeff line right near the Kings Park station, while the second shows its ROW in the Hospital grounds. In the third picture, H-10s engine #107 travels along the Kings Park Hospital spur in 1951.


The following pictures and most of the commentary were contributed by David Huber, who walked the ROW in early Spring, 2000. Thanks David!

The Kings Park State Hospital spur was operating until the mid 80s and was the only hospital that was still using coal until the end, the others having switched to gas or oil earlier. All of the property that has the right of way has been sold and may be developed on in the near future so if you want to see anything it might not last. The first shot is where the tracks crossed Rt. 25a just east of the RR station at Indian Head Road. The switch was behind the Fire department and it went right by this auto body shop into the hospital grounds.


This next shot is further down the spur at an access road from Old dock Road into the hospital grounds, just north of the William T Rogers middle School.




This shot is an about face at that same spot. Notice the piece of track left. All the rest of the tracks were stolen except for the those that went into or under the pavement. There are still a few tracks left.



This is at the other side of the road looking back to where the last shots
were taken, again notice the rail under the pavement and the lines in the
pavement over the rails.


Further down the spur, this was taken looking toward the power plant, this is one of the only sections that you can walk on and not totally grown over.



This is what is left of the elevated line by the power plant. The tracks
would have gone over my left sholder onto the pillars.


A great shot looking past the pillars at the famous Building 93, which can be
seen from the Empire State Bldg. on a crystal clear day. Soon it will be
gone I am sure. It almost looks medieval.

Here's some additional pictures from David Huber that I added 10/6/2001. They are undated but seem to be as late as the 1980's.

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