Central Islip State Hospital Spur


The first map shows where the spur diverged south from the Main Line just east of the old (pre-electrification) Central Islip station. The second shows the ROW on the Hospital grounds.

This is a picture taken on the Hospital grounds on Sept. 25, 1931 (Ron Ziel collection)



The following pictures and captions were contributed by David Huber, who walked along the ROW in February, 2000.

The first one is of the elevated track remains



The second is of the storehouse track remains



#3 is the ROW remains




#4 is from the ROW looking at the elevated portion




#5 is the old coal bin (it is small and I have no idea how they got the coal out of it?)



The next is of the Baseball grandstand on the grounds. Has nothing to
do with the spur but it is a facinating relic. 07/18/2008 I just received some new information on this from S. Jones, who contributes the following: "

A number of the old rail spurs from the second generation of buildings and power plant 1900-1938 were torn up to make way for more internal auto roads, a golf course, the ball field and a relocated power plant on the west side of Carleton Ave. Some of these rails, because they were t-shaped, were placed back to back and through bolted to make very strong structural supports. Look closely at that "stadium" and you'll see what's holding up the roof. The old rails from one of the abandoned spurs! This was pointed out to me many years ago by Gene Mayer, now deceased, a long time employee of the Central Islip State Hospital"  While going through my Inbox I also discovered that "Jimster" had given me similar information back in February, 2007 (Sorry Jim!) "I have information about some of  your pictures from the Central Islip Hospital in your web site area.

The Grand stand you show is actually made of of pulled up rails from the original RR system back in the late 1800's. I live a few miles from it.. The rails were pulled up and used to cover the grand stands. The newer rail way through the hospital replaced the 1800's RR that ran across the now golf course... In fact., the original station platform is still intact near Robins Hall... Go check out the grand stand and you'll be amused...The coal bin in your web site shows a picture  with captions "how did they move coal. There was an underground conveyer system .. I know this because in the last days of the powerplant..the wreckers caved in the tunnel to that bin , up to the plant..."


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