Shore Line Trolley Museum

Autumn in NY


(Click on pictures for larger view)

Group Picture: Bob Andersen, Alan Aron (aka HART Bus), Larry Redbird R33, Jeff "Sarge" Rosen with son Arthur, Doug (BMTman) Diamond, Dave Barraza (photo taken by Doris C.)


Lou from Brooklyn pilots the PCC



BRT Gate Car #1227



Interior of BRT Gate Car. That's Jeff H facing the camera.



BMT Standard #2775



The interior of the "Mineola"







Interior of R-9



A view of the Avenue L station from the R-17. That's Stef closest to the camera admiring his work!



The turnstile and farebox at Avenue L station



IND R-9 at Ave. L Station



The interior of the R-17



R-17 Route and Destination signs



Looking out the front porthole of the R-17



The volunteers who work at the Museum: BMTman Doug, Lou from Brooklyn, Lou Shavell,

Thurston (Mr. T), Stef kneeling in front and Doris C. behind the poster


Doug cleans up!




Other Subtalkers who were there: Anon-e-mouse, Da Wheel Flange, SUBWAYSURF Andee, Robert from Queens and probably a few others whom I either missed or forgot (like Hank Eisenstein).