The Bay Ridge Branch

Bob Emery's notes on the Bay Ridge Branch







Montauk Branch to Myrtle Ave.

NY Connecting RR

Fremont Tower


Myrtle Ave. to Cooper Ave.



Cooper Ave. to East NY Tunnel

Evergreen Branch connection

BMT Canarsie line running parallel

East NY Tunnel to Liberty Ave.

Abandoned ENY passenger station

LIRR Atlantic Ave. line crossing below

Detail of Atlantic Ave. area

On this map Atlantic Ave. runs left to right and the Bay ridge runs top to bottom


Liberty Ave. to Sutter Ave.



Liberty Ave. to Sutter Ave. (1918-1925 only)



Sutter Ave. to Milepost (MP) 8



MP 8 to Rockaway Ave.



Rockaway Ave. to E. 83rd St.

Former Fords Corners (later Rugby) passenger station


E. 83rd St. to Kings Highway

Former Kowenhoven passenger station


Kings Highway to Albany Ave.



Albany Ave. to Bedford Ave.



Bedford Ave. to Coney Island Ave.

Manhattan Beach Jct.


Manhattan Beach Jct. enlarged 1917




Manhattan Beach Jct. enlarged 1927



Coney Island Ave. to 50th St.


Parkville Station


50th St. to 16th Ave.



16th Ave. to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.

Bath Jct.


NU Tower area enlarged



Ft. Hamilton Pkwy. to 5th Ave.



5th Ave. to 1st Ave.



1st Ave. to Waterfront