The Flushing and

NY and Flushing RR's

The Flushing Railroad was incorporated in 1852 and completed its line from Hunter's Point to Flushing in 1854. The line ran from Hunter's Point (Long Island City) east to Haberman, then north following close to what are now Maurice and Garfield Aves, then to Winfield and on to Flushing, along the ROW of the current Port Washington branch. After foreclosure in 1859, it became known as the New York and Flushing Railroad.

Thanks to "Big John, fan of the Sunrise Trail" we have this document from 1854, showing a proposal to extend the Flushing RR all the way out to Huntington.

In 1866, a subsidiary, the North Shore RR Co. was created, which extended the NY&F line from Flushing to Great Neck.

In 1869, in order to thwart the South Side's attempts for a ROW to Long Island City, the NY and Flushing was purchased by Oliver Charlick of the LIRR. The Haberman to Winfield portion of the line was abandoned and a new ROW through Woodside was built. A year later, he sold it to Conrad Poppenhusen of the Flushing and North Side RR.

By 1872, Poppenhusen had built his own ROW to Flushing, the Hunter's Point to Haberman portion was taken over by the South Side and the NY and Flushing ceased to exist.


Stations on the Flushing and NY and Flushing were as follows:

Hunter's Point - Originally at the East River in 1854. New station at 51st Ave. and 2nd St. in 1869. Expanded for use by the Central RR in 1872. Taken over by LIRR for Brighton Beach service in 1878. (anyone know anything about this service?)

Penny Bridge - 1854 at Laurel hill Blvd. opposite Meeker Ave. Abandoned 1869 when the route was changed.

Maspeth - 1855 at 58th. St and 54th Dr. Abandoned 1858

Newtown (Elmhurst) - 1855

Fashion Race Course (then West Flushing when the West Flushing station at 108th St. below was abandoned, then Corona) - 1855 at National Ave. (102nd St.)

West Flushing - 1854 at 108th St.

Main St.


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